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You may consider reading this book for one or more of the following reasons.

1. You want to become your smarter and wiser version and improve your daily personal, family, academic, community and work life.

2. You want to do everything possible to successfully resolve problems you encounter in your day-to-day personal and social life.

3. Your responsibilities at the workplace include conducting various technical and non-technical skill development training and coaching activities. Hence, you want to help and support all participants to achieve the desired results from all learning and development activities in the future.

4. You are suffering from the following reasons because you possess incorrect information or you lack the information about the basic general things in daily life:
    (i) Mistakes, confusion, or dilemmas in making choices and decisions in daily personal and social life.
    (ii) The inability or failure in self-organisation/ management, relationship development and management.
    (iii) Unable to attend or effectively perform responsibilities and roles in everyday life.
    (iv) Making systematic errors in thinking, experiencing mistakes, confusion, or dilemma in giving importance to correct things correctly.
    (v) Discomforting experiences of worries, anxiety, stress, burning out, emotional exhaustion, mental fatigue, sadness, jealousy, anger, vengeance, hate, disgust, etc.

Yes. An individual aged more than 12 years old who possesses the basic academic skills, thinking skills, instruction following, and practising skills can benefit from reading this book.

Basic academic skills are skills such as literacy, numeracy, and thinking acquired through various learning and development experiences in life. Around the world, adequate knowledge from a well-designed educational curriculum between the senior middle to high school levels is used to acquire these skills.

This book is supportive content and not a substitute for any formal or informal learning and development activities, education courses, and training programs designed and executed based on scientific facts and methods, including all programs offered by various authorized educational institutes, boards, and universities. The information on the CLARDENTITY is a supportive experience rather than an alternative experience for any personal and professional development based on scientific facts and methods. Especially the scientific facts and methodology based on individualized professional assistance, guidance and interventions offered by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

The main objective of this book is to introduce you to the term and concept of CLARDENTITY, along with the Clardentity Knowledge Framework and the Clardentity Quotient (CLQ). These tools are designed to help you improve your thought processes, learning and development experiences, and enhance your overall effectiveness in all aspects of your life, regardless of the roles you perform in your life. Understanding Clardentity can help you improve your problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, empathy, self-awareness, social awareness, and coping skills when dealing with stress. distress, fear and anxiety.

You can use the form provided on this website's Share Your Experiences page to send your questions to the author. In addition, you can also interact and ask questions during your participation in COPE Interactive Learning and Development Engagement, known as COPE WITH THE Q&As OF EVERYDAY LIVES. It is a thematically formattable people engagement event with a Question and Answer session based on the CLARDENTITY book for a universal audience.

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